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How to Place Your Outdoor Water Fountains in the Most Suitable Location?

The first step to making your own outdoor fountains is to choose a suitable base. They can be made from wood or concrete, however you will need to ensure that it drains properly. Most people choose a concrete fountain because it is simple to keep clean and maintain. If you choose a wood base, you will need to sand it down occasionally and then apply an appropriate waterproof sealant to prevent damage to the wooden frame. Once the base has been properly prepared, you can begin building your outdoor fountain.

The next decision you need to make is the size and style of the fountain. Today you can find outdoor fountains in all shapes and sizes. The most popular materials for outdoor fountains tend to be cast stone, fiberglass and copper. However if you want something a little more original, you might consider choosing a long beach wall fountain, tier design or waterfall for your landscaping design.

Once you have decided on the type and style of outdoor water features you wish to purchase you need to think carefully about how to position them in your garden area. You should always aim to place them as near to the sunlight as possible in order to provide the best water flow. Of course the more natural the fountain the less of an impact this will have on the surrounding garden area. A good place to consider placing your fountain would be at eye level. This means placing it away from trees and overhanging shrubs.

Another thing to consider when thinking about garden water fountains is their effect on the local environment. These fountains can have negative ions which can enhance the overall beauty of your garden or backyard. If the surrounding soil is rich in organic matter such as peat or manure then you should expect to find these nutrients in the water which will enhance the fountain's beauty and improve its eco-system. This is especially true if you are choosing the more earth toned types of outdoor water fountains which are often made from rock, slate or concrete.

It has also been proven that by placing outdoor water fountains in areas of your home where people are relaxing, they will become more receptive to your presence. Studies have shown that by relaxing their minds they become more open to new experiences and ideas and will likely become more willing to try new things. Of course, if you place your garden fountains too close to a bedroom then this may actually discourage people from using them as they feel there will be too much noise.

A good tip to help you place outdoor water fountains in the most suitable locations is to use the trickling water method. This means that you will surround the fountain with a circle of small rocks and build the water fountain around them. To keep the trickling water flowing you can either use a small hose on the outside of the circle or alternatively place a garden hose on the inside of the circle of stones. Go to for more.

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